Off Latch Press Proposal Process

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The Goal of Off Latch Press is radical openness. Projects will generally be accepted in the order they are received. No project will be rejected unless it is oppressive, harmful or outside of the scope of our current resources. We will always establish contact with the proposer before making a decision about their proposal.

2 Categories of Proposals:

The Zine: smaller works contributing to a collaborative release with other selected artists.

Examples include single audio tracks, short films, small visual art works, etc.

The Press: larger, self-contained projects.

Examples include full albums, novels, art books, etc.


Each Zine issue features 9 artists who participate in the proposal process and 1 artist nominated by previous contributors.

Artists who are proposing Press projects will collaborate with us to release them in a timeframe that is mutually beneficial.

What we will accept:

  • Original work in a wide variety of media.

  • Every proposal within the scope of an independent, non-profit publisher.

What we will NOT accept: 

  • Art that could be seen to be oppressive or hurtful in any way.

  • Art that has been widely or commercially released in the past.

What we will give Artists:

  • Money: $75 for completed Zine works. Generous profit share after overhead for Press projects.

  • Any resources that we have access to that may help you (including tech support, timelines, materials, etc.).

  • Full ownership of the finished artwork and complete artistic agency.

  • Collaboration on the specifics on the release.

  • Hardcopies of the materials that we press.

What the Artists will give us:

  • Your art to release. We let you define the scope of your project based on what we are able to pay you.

  • One (or more if desired) consultation on the layout and/or delivery methods you would like to utilize for your release.

What is being delivered to the audience:

  • A digital copy of the booklet we create and a digital copy of any electronic media.

  • A professionally printed 4x5” inch booklet.

  • A custom flash drive containing any electronic media.

  • Additional original artwork for top level patrons.

The Selection Process

In the spirit of radical openness, the facilitators of Off Latch Press will invite the first 9 Zine proposers who meet the criteria to contribute to the upcoming issue. The next 9 will be invited to contribute to the next issue and so on. It is our philosophy to meet each artist on their own terms and avoid superimposing our own artistic perspectives at all costs.

Proposals for Press projects will be reviewed and selected for release in the order they are received. At this time, we are able to commit resources to one Press project at a time, depending on the timeline of the proposal.

No proposal will be rejected before direct contact with the proposer is established. There are two reasons a proposal might be rejected:

  1. It is harmful or offensive. If we suspect a proposal could be seen this way, we will hire third-party consultants to help review the proposal.

  2. It is outside the scope of our current budget to produce. We will be as creative as possible with our current resources, but we are not able to, for example, produce a fully staged opera at this time.

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